Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day

With Mother's Day just right around the corner, I thought this was fitting to post.

It Will Be Worth It All

You will hear all through your life of being a parent, "It will be worth it all." When will that day get here? We all struggle at every stage of being a Mother.

Being a mother is being pregnant and reading every book, so you'll know "everything" as soon as your baby gets here. It's eating good and giving up stuff you really don't want to, but know you have to for nine months. It's fixing the nursery just right. It's the only time that you won't care about all the weight gain, because it's worth it all.

It's making a birth plan, and it not going as planned. It's giving birth in any way that makes your baby healthy. Because when it was over, it was worth it all to see that beautiful face.

It's staying up late, and FINALLY falling asleep only to wake up because you didn't hear the baby breathe. It's waking up every two hours to feed him. It's being pooped and peed on and changing 15 outfits a day. It's hunting down a pacifier that you swore you would never use, because you can't soothe her.
It's breastfeeding when you said you never would.
It's bottlefeeding when you said you never would.
Because at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. It's worth it all.

It's clapping when he learns to sit. It's jumping up and down when she learns to walk. It's bandaging and kissing his legs, arms and head when he falls, because they can walk. It's letting go and watching her do it all on her own. Because in the end, it's worth it all.

It's watching the same movie 200 times and being excited about it. It's reading the same book and singing the same song over and over again, until you know it by heart. It's playing doctor by sewing up their favorite stuffed animal because he's played and slept with it so much that it's ear is falling off. It's having her hold your hand because she wants to "show you something" that she's showed you a hundred times. It's acting like you know what his picture is about. It's crying when you have to tell her that the dog or cat got ran over. It's hard, but in the end, it's really worth it all.

It's being quiet and letting her learn the hard way- about friends and boyfriends or his girlfriends. It's crying with her when she has her first heartbreak. It's crying silently when he's hurt your feelings. It's crying because sometimes you just have to, to be able to keep going. It doesn't matter, because you tell yourself in the end it's going to be worth it all.

It's watching with pride as he is baptized and give his life to the Lord. It's standing your ground and telling her that she's grounded. It's being proud when he still hugs you in front of his friends.

It's thinking of when she will graduate high school and college and leave home for the first time. It's thinking of when he will get married and wonder if he will still need you.

It's praying for her over and over and over again. It's praying that hopefully, somehow, someway, you have gotten all of this right.

It's then realizing that it has been worth it all. All the heartaches and worrying, sleepless nights and endless days have been worth it all. It's thanking God for every moment you have had, and praying for more.

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